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At Daisy Does It, we put the fun in festivals for our local community by working closely with the local government of each town we work. We strive to create festivals where all are welcome, and our goal is to make sure that everyone has a great time! Whether you're a music lover or just looking for a fun day out with your friends and family, our events are carefully curated to provide a unique and diverse environment that caters to all.

We believe that the atmosphere of a festival is just as important as the music. That's why we work closely with local merchants, restaurants, food trucks, and vendors to create an immersive experience for attendees. From stage design to lighting, we take care of all the details so you can come and enjoy the festivities. 

Our sponsors are integral to the success of our events, and we work to provide them with the most value for their investment. Partnering with us here at Daisy Does It will help your brand reach new clientele at each of our varying events throughout the year. Join us our growing list of locals we work with today.

Meet Our Team

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Nick Sperry

Cofounder and Unofficial Hype Man. Nick is the heart of Daisy Does It. Nick is a professional musician and events and festival planner with years of experience. Not only does he love to play for a crowd he has a passion for bringing music to everyone on earth. Nick knows how to throw a great festival. He works closely with our team and vendors to make sure every event is a success.

Nick enjoys a successful career at his local Church working with youth and the praise worship band.

Kimberly Duke

Cofounder and Lead Logistics & Marketing expert. She is highly organized and keeps everything on track for a successful event. With years working on-air and in radio promotions  she has been essential in planning some of the largest events across the USA.  With her attention to detail and problem-solving skills, she's the person you want in charge of your festival.

Kimberly has a successful career as the Head of Growth & Chief Marketing Officer of a software firm.

Shawn Nuttall

Shawn has a keen eye for detail, is highly motivated and ensures each event is produced with great
success and the utmost professionalism.  Prior to joining Daisy Does It, Shawn has had the honor of
collaborating with Nick on several high profile successful events.  In addition to his passion for festival and event planning, for over 27 years, Shawn has had and continues to have an esteemed Engineering career in the Medical Device/Pharmaceutical industries.  Shawn is considered the Swiss Army knife of
Daisy Does It.  His ability to fill many roles to get the job done is unmatched.

Christie Nuttall

Christie’s organizational skills, her high energy and versatility to perform multiple tasks serve Daisy Does It on various levels. Her skills are second to none when coordinating vendor and sponsor outreach.
Christie is also our Volunteer Coordinator ensuring volunteers are trained properly and that all their
needs are met. Before joining Daisy Does It, Christie’s had many years of experience running events and conferences and is extremely thrilled to be a part of the Daisy Does It team. Christie also has a professional career as an Executive Assistant for a prominent employer.


Lynne T Murphy

Lynne's boundless energy, creative thinking, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for bringing people joy are ideal for Daisy Does It and all who participate in and attend our events and festivals. From toddler tea parties to national day celebrations attended by heads-of-state experience running events and conferences and is extremely thrilled to be a part of the Daisy Does It team. Christie also has a professional career as an Executive Assistant for a prominent employer.


Festival Gallery

What People Are Saying

The Best Festival Yet

“I had an amazing time at the festival organized by Daisy Does It. The music was great, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was just perfect. I can't wait for the next one!”

Sarah Jones

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